Discover top talent in Data Analytics and Insight. We support hiring managers by connecting businesses with professionals who excel in transforming data into actionable insights.

In an era where data is king, the right talent in Data Analytics and Insight is crucial for Customer Service success.

At Black & White Recruitment, we excel in connecting innovative businesses with exceptional data professionals. Our recruits don't just crunch numbers; they provide the insights that drive strategic decisions. From unearthing subtle customer trends to shaping future business strategies, our candidates are skilled in transforming raw data into a powerful business narrative.

Let us help you harness the power of data to inform and inspire your business decisions.


Roles We Source in Data Analytics & Insight

  1. Business Intelligence Analysts: These professionals are adept at converting data into insights and strategic advice. They specialise in using BI tools to create understandable reports that drive business decisions.

  2. Management Information Analysts: Experts in gathering and analysing management data. They focus on optimising operational efficiency and providing crucial insights into business performance.

  3. Customer Insight Analysts: Talented in unraveling customer behavior and trends from complex datasets. Their insights are pivotal in shaping marketing strategies and enhancing customer experiences.


Exceptional Industry Presence and Proven Track Record

1. Extensive Network and Reach:

  • 4,000+ LinkedIn Page Followers: Our strong online presence reflects our industry influence and widespread trust.
  • 20,000+ LinkedIn Connections: A vast network that ensures we have access to top talent and key industry players.
  • Over 10,000 Registered Candidates: This shows our ability to offer a wide selection of qualified candidates for various roles.


2. Rich Experience and Expertise:

  • 20 Years in Recruitment: Two decades of experience have honed our ability to understand and meet diverse recruitment needs.
  • 110+ LinkedIn Recommendations: Testimonials from clients and candidates alike, affirming our commitment to quality and satisfaction.


3. Impressive Client Portfolio and Success Rate:

  • Over 100 Clients Served: A broad and varied client base, showcasing our versatility and capability to cater to multiple sectors.
  • 400+ Successful Placements since 2018: Our track record of placing a significant number of professionals speaks volumes about our effectiveness.


4. A Commitment to Quality and Excellence:

  • Our approach is not just about numbers; it's about the right fit. We take pride in connecting the right candidates with the right roles, ensuring mutual success and growth.


Your Success is Our Mission: At Black & White Recruitment, we don't just fill positions; we forge lasting partnerships. Our extensive experience, network, and proven track record make us the ideal choice for your recruitment campaigns.


Great Support Excellent Service Super Supportive

"Lawrence was a great support in placing me in my current role. Very professional and attentive. 6 months into the new role and the best move I have made.

Thanks again for your support Lawrence" 

"Lawrence was great in helping me secure a new role. There was no pressure even when I had another potential offer come in. He coordinated with the company brilliantly when there was a mix-up on the first webcam call. Brilliant from start to finish." 

"Lawrence helped me secure a role and was super supportive from the initial conversations through the onboarding journey and once I'd joined the new organisation"

Mark (Analytics Manager)

Terry (Planning Manager)                  


Danny - Head of RP

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